Monday, July 4, 2011

The Month of June

June was a very busy month for us.  I haven't taken the time to document the events, but I'm doing to do a list so that I will have a record of the happenings of June:
  • We had our monthly OB appointment.  I was so nervous because I wanted to hear her heart beat.  It sounded perfect!
  • We dropped the calves off that we fed out at the processors.
  • Donny and I left for a last minute trip to the beach.  We had a great time with friends and enjoyed the white sand.
  • We celebrated our third year of marriage.  Donny took me out to eat and to a movie.  We also bought a Wi!.  I can't seem to beat my husband at many of the games, but I practice secretly.
  • Donny and I got wrapped up in the College World Series.  We planned meals around the games and would send text to update scores when we out.  It was great to see the SEC represented with Florida and South Carolina. 
  • In May we broke down and ordered a king size bed.  My brother helped Donny move furniture.  Donny like the fact that he doesn't have my knee in his back anymore.  We also got Cora Jane's crib.
  • Because I'm a planner and I want to have Cora Jane's room ready as soon as possible Donny and I cleaned out her room and he put her crib up.
  • Donny chauffeured me and three other women to the Bama Rising concert that raised over two million dollars for tornado relief.  It was an amazing event and I'm thrilled that we got to be apart of it.  The concert started at 7:30 and we left the BJCC at roughly 1:15 AM. 
  • We had our appointment with the high risk OB doctor that did an echo of Cora Jane's heart.  Our prayers were answered when he said it looked perfect.  I also asked for confirmation that we had a little girl in there.
  • My mom is building a house and it is almost finished.
  • I helped Donny, Cody, Jason, and Jack work the calves.  It was a very eventful and somewhat stressful day.  We all survived, but we had several first on the farm that day.
  • I have my classroom for the most part ready for the beginning of school and plan to enjoy the month of July reading, sewing, and relaxing.

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