Friday, February 5, 2010


This week has brought back so many feelings. I've really been missing my dad this week, because it seems like every other day someone else has passed away. Jason's grandmother passed away, then Coach Mac Thompson, then Adair, and today Buddy Glasgow. All the feelings of losing dad have been rekindled and it honestly hurts my heart. I know that death is apart of life, but it never makes it easier. Even after 4 months it is still hard. I still get angry because I wasn't able to talk to dad before he left this earth. I keep thinking about the last time I saw him awake and all the words I wish I would have said. I think about Mac's boys who aren't going to have their dad to see them play their last senior football game, I think about all the students that Adair had an impact on, and Daviston because he was Buddy's boy. I often think, "I just wish the Lord would come back!" Please pray for each of these families as they are going through very difficult times.