Monday, July 30, 2012

10 months

My sweet Cora Jane I can't believe that our first summer is coming to a close.  You have been so much fun and I know that I'm going to miss you so much when momma has to go back to work.  We have had an eventful month of July.  So, here is what you've been up to...
  • You have the sweet laugh that melts my heart every time I hear it.
  • I broke your heart when I was very stern with you about not biting.  You cried for 10 straight minutes.
  • I have a feeling that you might be defiant at times.  You try to undo your diaper while getting ready for bedtime and I pop your hand.  You just laugh!
  • We celebrated the fourth of July at home with Wade and Robin.
  • I had a bad momma moment.  You flipped off the changing pad.  Thankful you weren't hurt, but I was very upset.
  • You have been spoiled by your Mimi and the Cofers'.
  • The biggest thing was that you got tubes!  You did great after we got you home.
  • We have made several trips to the library.
  • You attended your first birthday party.  It was Ty's birthday.  You did so good and had plenty to watch that kept you entertained at the bowling alley.
  • Momma had surgery and couldn't take care of you for a couple of days.  You missed your momma!
  • You sometimes talk for almost an hour before you go to sleep at night.
  • You do so good when we make our weekly grocery store trips.
  • You got lots of new books this month from our book exchange.
  • Our car overheated and we had to hang out in Burger K!ng until the Cofers' could come get our car after we got lost in the parking deck at St. Vincent's. You were so tired, but you hung in there with me.
  • We celebrated Uncle Cody's birthday at Outb@ck and Mimi's birthday at Ll0yd's.
  • You hair has grown a lot.
  • You have been into exploring.  You have played in rice, in water, and with a lightbox.
  • I had to put you in 12 month pajamas this month and it was a sad moment for me.
  • You are knocking on 12 month clothes door.
  • You outgrew size 3 diapers this month.
  • You still take three naps a day.
  • You're still not a fan of formula.  You drink three "cups" of formula on a good day.
  • You weighed 19 pounds when you got your tubes.

*Not a quality picture!
This was how you were kicked back (notice her leg) while we were in search of our car at St. V!ncent's parking deck.  You got a lot of laughs.  It wasn't bothering you a bit that we got off the elevator numerous times.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Busy Week In July

We had an extremely busy week and it revolved around doctor's appointments (three for me plus physical therapy and surgery for Cora Jane.) Monday I had to meet with the surgeon about having my gallbladder removed. I was able to get that scheduled and while I was there I went ahead and did my pre-admission testing, which made for a long afternoon. Mrs. Anita had Cora Jane and I got her home just time for her late afternoon nap.

Tuesday I had my physical therapy early and then it off to the eye doctor. Physical therapy was brutal and I had a rough week with pain. After PT I went to get my annual eye exam. Now, I still can't see with a darn without my contacts or glasses, but I'm thankful that for one year my eyes hadn't changed. I decided to get new glasses so I can take a break from my contacts every once in a while. Cora Jane was at Donny's parents house for the day, so I was kind of lost without her. I stopped by to see my mom, went to lunch with friends, went to TRC to cut out letters, and to the grocery store. I picked Cora Jane up at 3:30 and I was so glad to have her home with me.

Wednesday we had a very early start. We had to have Cora Jane at the hospital at 5:00 to get her tubes. She was so confused as to why in the world I would wake her up two hours before she ever thought about waking up. I was a strong mommy. The waiting in the small room was working me up, but about the time I was getting very anxious they came to give Cora Jane her medicine. Thankfully they make it a quick process of taking her away. But I must say that watching her once she got the medicine to calm her was hilarious. She was moving in slow motion and her eyes were so heavy. She hasn't had much to do with her daddy lately, but she was loving on him. It was so sweet. We weren't in the waiting room but about 20 minutes (if that) before they came to get us. The doctor said she did great and give us instructions. Once they got her to recovery we were able to go back. They warned us that she wouldn't be happy and that was a huge understatement. I calmed her as much as I could and we left. We got her to the car and I fed her breakfast. She seemed better, but was so tired. She was asleep by the time we were pulling out of the parking deck. We got home shortly after eight and she slept for three hours. Mommy and daddy took naps too! She was fine after she got up. We are hoping that the tubes will help her out.
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Before medicine!
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After medicine!
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She was feeling good!
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Hanging out with mommy.  (That mess is the clothes I was trying to fold.)

Cora Jane got to tag along with me to the gastro doctor on Thursday. She was a trooper thanks to puffs. We got home and played before her nap then it was off to the Cofers' for dinner. It was one of my favorite meals which included fired okra, squash, peas, cornbread, and grilled sausage!
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Trying to capture a picture with her and her hairbow...a chore a must say!
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The headband only lasted about 30 seconds.
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The girl loves to hang out in the kitchen.  She got under the chair and out again all by herself.
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Relaxing on the couch with mommy.

Thankfully Friday was a low key day, which meant I didn't put on make-up. Cora Jane took really good naps. We did get out of the house to go pick up my glasses, made a stop by to see my mom (so she could show Cora Jane off), then a visit to the library.
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I mixed her breakfast oatmeal with bluesberries and she LOVED it.
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Cora Jane giving her daddy some lovin'.

On Saturday we made a trip to Trussv!lle for Ty's sixth birthday party. We haven't seen the Bambergs' in quite some time so, it was so good to see them. I can't believe that Ty is going to start school this year. I remember going to see them after he was born, which was the summer Donny and I started dating. I digress...Cora Jane did great at the party, but she slept good on the way home.
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Celebrating the birthday boy!
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Sweet girl sleeping good on the way home.  She partied too hard.
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I read her this book for the first time and it made me tear up.  So sweet!

 Sunday was a mommy/daughter day because daddy was at work. We went to church and then came home to take a nap. Yep, I took one while she slept. We had an early dinner at Zaps then spent some time at my mom's house. Mom's church had there annual ice cream social so we went there and enjoyed the fellowship. 

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I love that smile!
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She really liked seeing herself on the screen.
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The expression on her face is ADORABLE!

Monday, July 9, 2012

UPDATE: My Health

I have failed to update my friends on my health issues, but here is the long and short of how I'm doing. I have been going to physical therapy (PT) since the beginning of June for my pelvic pain. Yes, I know you are wondering what in the world PT is going to do for pelvic pain, but I have been amazed at the results. I go once a week and most of it is very painful, but you know the saying "no pain, no gain." Well that's my philosophy! PT in combination with my medicines my pain level has decreased tremendously. I can go days and and feel "normal." I'm so thankful for those days. Dr. Chi!d's told me that I would get the most results from PT and he was right. I'm not sure how long I will have to continue, but I'm committed to going as long as it takes. As far as my weight loss...well there still is no definite answer. I have been to see an endocrinologist and he is confident that my thyroid has nothing to do with my issues. His prescription was to eat more milkshakes. We did find out that my gallbladder is functioning at 78%, but that I still have gallstones. My appetite is much better, but I think that has to do with the medicines I'm taking, which Dr. Chi!d's said would be a good side effect for me. I still get nausea and there are days that I still can't eat a lot. And there are some days that I just don't feel good with my tummy. I had a really bad day one week and I decided that I was going to ask my beloved Dr. Snyd*er. He was so glad that I had gained 1.2 pounds, but I didn't have the heart to tell him that I had linen pants and flip-flops on last time and was wearing jeans and clogs that day. But anyway, he strongly suggested me going ahead and getting my gallbladder removed. He said he isn't sure that my gallbladder is the problem, but we won't know until it is out. He said gallstones can cause major issues and that he didn't want me to put it off and then end up pregnant. He said pregnancy and gallstones are not a good combination. He said we will come back to the drawing board if things don't improve. So, I met with the surgeon today and have scheduled surgery for next week. I've got so much anxiety about it, but I've got to get out of the way. So, that's were we are at this point. Please say a prayer as I prepare for surgery next week. (My goal is to gt this house CLEANED in hopes of keeping me busy and not worry about surgery.)

Friday, July 6, 2012


I've got to get better of posting pictures throughout the month instead of all at one time with Cora Jane's monthly post.  So here's my attempt...
I'm all for Cora Jane exploring and trying to get those creative juices flowing.  I'm not a huge fan of lots of toys that ring, ding, and sing.  Thanks to P!interest I've been able to create a lot of activities and toys with stuff from home or the dollar store.  I read several blogs that I get a lot of ideas from.  Here are a few pictures from some of our explorations...

Playing with colored rice!

This is colored ice cubes in water.

Playing with a light box.

She enjoyed playing in the flour.