Monday, July 9, 2012

UPDATE: My Health

I have failed to update my friends on my health issues, but here is the long and short of how I'm doing. I have been going to physical therapy (PT) since the beginning of June for my pelvic pain. Yes, I know you are wondering what in the world PT is going to do for pelvic pain, but I have been amazed at the results. I go once a week and most of it is very painful, but you know the saying "no pain, no gain." Well that's my philosophy! PT in combination with my medicines my pain level has decreased tremendously. I can go days and and feel "normal." I'm so thankful for those days. Dr. Chi!d's told me that I would get the most results from PT and he was right. I'm not sure how long I will have to continue, but I'm committed to going as long as it takes. As far as my weight loss...well there still is no definite answer. I have been to see an endocrinologist and he is confident that my thyroid has nothing to do with my issues. His prescription was to eat more milkshakes. We did find out that my gallbladder is functioning at 78%, but that I still have gallstones. My appetite is much better, but I think that has to do with the medicines I'm taking, which Dr. Chi!d's said would be a good side effect for me. I still get nausea and there are days that I still can't eat a lot. And there are some days that I just don't feel good with my tummy. I had a really bad day one week and I decided that I was going to ask my beloved Dr. Snyd*er. He was so glad that I had gained 1.2 pounds, but I didn't have the heart to tell him that I had linen pants and flip-flops on last time and was wearing jeans and clogs that day. But anyway, he strongly suggested me going ahead and getting my gallbladder removed. He said he isn't sure that my gallbladder is the problem, but we won't know until it is out. He said gallstones can cause major issues and that he didn't want me to put it off and then end up pregnant. He said pregnancy and gallstones are not a good combination. He said we will come back to the drawing board if things don't improve. So, I met with the surgeon today and have scheduled surgery for next week. I've got so much anxiety about it, but I've got to get out of the way. So, that's were we are at this point. Please say a prayer as I prepare for surgery next week. (My goal is to gt this house CLEANED in hopes of keeping me busy and not worry about surgery.)

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  1. Good luck with your surgery! I hope they recommended either Dr Stahl or Dr Sherer. I have had surgery with both of them and that are fabulous. I am so glad you updated, I have been wondering how you are doing. I will pray that things continue to improve. I know how frustrating medical stuff is when you don't know the answers and are going on blind faith. Praying!