Saturday, June 19, 2010

Catch Up on Life

WOW! A lot has happen since I last posted. I'm really going to try to do better at staying caught up with my posting. So, I guess I'll try to catch up.

Graduate School:
I made it through the worst semester of graduate school with three As and one B. I am on my last semester of graduate school this summer. I'm taking a total of 10 credit hours and I'm pushing myself, but I CAN'T wait to be finished. I'm taking the comprehensive exam on June 26th. I'm praying that I can get through that with out too much stress. I kind of feel bad because I'm wishing my summer away so that I will be through with graduate school. Sorry my teacher friends.

My 26th Birthday:
My wonderful mother got my an embroidery machine for my birthday, graduation, and Christmas present. I've wanted one for awhile, so mom broke down an got me one. I haven't used it very much because I trying to force myself to get through with graduate school so I can use it as much as I want.

4th Grade:
I made it through another year of teaching. It was a challenging year for personal and professional reasons, but it was a great year. I had a wonderful class and I'm going to miss them greatly. I'm striving and preparing for an even better year next year. We are trying something new. I will be teaching math, science, and language this year and my team teacher will be teaching the other subjects. I'm very enthusiastic about the new adventure. Science is not one of my favorite subjects, but I will give it my best. And the best part...I got tenure!!!

Two Year Anniversary:
On June 7th, Donny and I celebrated our second anniversary. It is so hard to believe that it has been two years since I married the love of my life. We have been so blessed and it only gets better. I can't thank my husband enough for the love that he shows me and how he takes care of me. I love you Donny!

We were on vacation on our anniversary and we didn't have a true "date." We went to Bass Pro Shops and then ate at Lambert's with my mom and my brother. Next year I promised him that we would have a true anniversary date.

Our vacation this year was a trip to Branson. Why? Well, when dad was diagnosed with leukemia last year he started his bucket list and visiting Branson was on there. We decided to go because that is what he would have wanted. Here are some of the pictures from the trip!

Donny and I on our anniversary!

Donny and Cody before we entered Bass Pro Shops.

My husband's favorite place to shop.

Cody can do some cookin' now!


We were SO full when we left Lambert's.

This was our shopping at the outlets adventure!

The Presley's Country Jubilee was a great show.

This was my favorite part of Silver Dollar City.  We watched the guy blow glass twice.  I did buy one piece of blown glass.  It was amazing to watch how they created such beautiful pieces.

We were at Dixie Stampede.  Donny and I got to be apart of the show.  Our team won as we rode a stick pony. 

RFD TV was one dad's favorite TV stations. 

This would be a long story to explain, but "Dad King Kong really is real!"