Thursday, December 29, 2011

3 months

I can hardly believe that my baby girl is three months old!  You are growing up so fast.  I'll admit that it has been the best, but hardest three months.  You do something everyday that melts my heart.  I am not looking forward to going back to work because I won't be able to spend my days with you.  I know that Mrs. Amber is going to love on you so much and she will take such good care of you.  I will have something to look forward to each day when I get off work.  I'll will hurry to get you so I can get time with my little girl.  So, what are you up to these days?
  • You are starting to giggle and it cracks me up.
  • You love to play in your play gym.  You will lay there for a good thirty minutes and just look at yourself in the mirror and hit the the toys.
  • You love to watch TV.  I hope that it is just the colors and movement, because I won't want you to love the TV.
  • You have started to hold my hand that holds your bottle.
  • You are sleeping like a champ.  Some nights you don't make a sound and if you make a sound I just have to check to see if your paci is in your mouth. 
  • You had your first Christmas.
  • You are wearing 0-3 months clothes.
  • You finally are wearing size 1 diapers.
  • You are drinking 6 oz. every 4 hours except at night.
  • You must like to sleep, because you can take some serious naps.
  • You have to know that is going on at all times.  You like to be walked at night and you must face out.  I had to get a carrier because you were starting to kill my arms.
  •  We weighed you at home and you were 11.5 pounds the week of Christmas.
  • You made your first trip Mobile and Auburn.
  • Your had your first Christmas!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011


We had a low key Christmas.  Cora Jane of course didn't know what was going on so it was time for us to spend with family.  I want to ensure that Cora Jane knows the true meaning of Christmas which is the birth of Jesus.  I know she probably didn't understand what I was saying, but I told her about the meaning of Christmas.  I also read her the story from her children's bible.  I'm also starting with the three gifts tradition.  She got three gifts, plus her stocking.  I want her to know that it is better to give than to receive. 
Our Christmas card for 2011.

Cora Jane's first picture with Santa on a Gator.

Our first Christmas.  (Daddy was at work.)

After church Christmas morning she was so tired.  She took a nap while we ate lunch.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Busy Week

We had a very busy week!  I finally got our Christmas tree decorated and our Burlee on the door.  That's as much Christmas decorating that is going to happen at the Sisco house this year.  I've got a little girl to tend to these days and she of course takes priority.  The true meaning of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus anyway.  I'm not even feeling like wrapping presents so Santa might leave all the gifts under the tree Christmas Eve.  On Wednesday Cora Jane made her first trip to Auburn.  I have been trying to make it down to see my friends and let them love on Cora Jane.  I hate that I didn't take any pictures.  She was a good baby considering that we left at 8:00 and didn't get home until almost 5.  She had the meltdown when we were about 20 miles from the exit on the interstate.  She fortunately sleep really well that night.  We had a relaxing day on Thursday and then a Mommy and Me Christmas party Friday night.  Cora Jane was the youngest, but it was still fun to see the other three kiddos playing.  We missed Jenny and Flynn though.  We are praying that he will get well so he can join us.  One day Cora Jane will be right there with them.  We did a painting activity which made for an interesting adventure with a 2.5 month old.  We were making Christmas trees with the kids hand prints.  We had to use Cora Jane's foot, but it turned out so cute!  Thanks Mrs. Tasha for such a fun time!  It was good for this mommy to have girl time with adults.  Then on Saturday night we headed out to the Bambergs for our annual Christmas party.  The ride up was not that much fun, because Donny had to stop twice to look for his Dirty Santa gift and every time the car stopped moving she was so fussy.  At the second L0we's I jumped in the drivers seat and rode around the parking lot.  I was so worried they were going to call the police on me, but I eventually just parked the car and got her out because we weren't going fast enough for her.  Once we got to Brad and Jami's she did so good.  I fed her and she got some loving from Jami and Camille.  Savannah Catherine is going to be such a good big sister (Camille is expecting another little girl any day now.)  Savannah Catherine helped me take care of Cora Jane all evening.  She has the sweetest heart!  The funniest part of the night was Donny's Dirty Santa gift.  It was in such a pretty package...a penguin Snugg!e.  It is always so good to see everyone. Jami host some great parties!  I hate that we only do it once a year.  We made it to church for the second Sunday in a row.  I of course was so nervous.  Because we were out so late last night Cora Jane slept almost to 8:00 this morning, which put our schedule off by two hours.  (I was going to let that baby SLEEP and so did mommy and daddy.)  I had to wake her up to go to church and she wants to know what's going on so I had to stand up most of the service.  She did fall asleep, but it was time to eat at noon and she let us know.  I left right as the pastor was finishing the message to go feed her.  We made it to eat Mexican for lunch.  She didn't like being in the car seat so I got her out.  She was so good while I ate my lunch.  She is one alert baby and wants to see what is going on around her. 

We hope that you have a blessed week!

*I've got to get better at taking pictures of our adventures!

Cora Jane's tiny footprints!

Savannah Catherine taking care of Cora Jane.

Donny and his Snugg!e reading Us Weekly magazine.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Most Popular Question

So the most popular question after you have a baby is...
"Is she sleeping through the night?"

Well, it depends on what your definition of sleeping through the night is.  I've not really known how to answer this question.  Yes, my baby does sleep well so I'm NOT complaining.  But my definition of sleeping through the night is not having to get up to get her back to sleep.  We are not getting up to feed in the middle of the night, but she does stir.  We are getting up at least one time either at 11:45ish or 2:30ish to get back to sleep with the paci.  THEN comes the 4:00 hour.  She stirs in the 4:00 hour and it is sometimes difficult to get her to settle enough to make it to our wake time at 6:00.  It's such a difficult time to wake because of her reflux I don't want to overfeed her because it makes the spit up worse.  I'm tired, but I can usually limp her along until 6.  We usually have one good night and then a rough night.  But I'm praying for a restful night in the months to come.  Last night when she was crying at 11:45 I literally was in a fog because I had been sleeping so hard.  I feel so guilty for wanting to have sleep because I know there are couples who want a child so badly.  They would give anything for sleepless nights because they would have the child that they have prayed for.