Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Break

I was in much need of this break.  My students were tired of each other and I'm sure of me.  When I didn't have to get up when that alarm clock went off this morning it was so wonderful.  Donny had to go back to work after being off for two weeks.  I had a busy day and will have a busy evening.  I had to finish my Christmas shopping, which was only two gifts.  I also had to pick up some things we needed around the house and the dreaded grocery shopping.  Now that I'm home I have to finish up some sewing for some friends, wrap presents, prepare Christmas cards, and hopefully make my sweet husband a surprise.  I'm so looking forward to Christmas.  This was always such an exciting time for our family and I plan to continue to keep it that way along with making new traditions.  Remember that Jesus is the REASON FOR THE SEASON!