Saturday, May 14, 2011

May Beach Trip

We (Cody, Danielle, Donny, and I) left for a weekend beach trip on May 5th after I got home from work.  We got permission to come back on Mother's Day from our mothers.  We were working around the guys work schedule.  It was a great relaxing weekend filled with some great food!  We stayed in Orange Beach in a really nice condo.  Donny and I really missed our beach partners (Tammy and Billy), but we ate at some of our favorites.  Pappa Rocco's, Tacky Jack's, Lambert's, and one of my personal favorites Sea 'n Suds.  I am a at taking pictures on trips, but here are a few.

We were representing our team!

Cody and his wild hair!


Cody and Danielle

Me with my sweet husband!

Cody dug himself into a hole.

Cora Jane's "first" beach trip.

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