Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's a ...

Cora Jane will be making her appearance in September.

I do have a prayer request.  My doctor is sending us to a high-risk ob doctor because the ultrasound nurse notice an irregular heartbeat.  The doctor said that structural nothing looking out of place and that it could end up being nothing.  Of course I cried once I got in the car, but I trust the Good Lord that everything is going to be okay.  I got home and looked up some stuff on a pregnancy site about irregular heartbeat.  Apparently this isn't such an uncommon thing, but I also read that caffeine could cause an irregular heartbeat.  Well, then I felt really guilty.  I rarely ever drink caffeine unless I'm at a restaurant and drink sweet tea...Except for yesterday.  A couple of people told me to drink a Mt. Dew to get the baby active.  I had second thoughts and my other mother even told me not to drink it, but I did.  I'm hoping that contributed to the problem.  I also have always had weird heart issues in my adult life so she might be taking after her mother.  So, please pray for that doctor's appointment, for my little girl, and her mom and dad.  I know this is the Lord teaching me something because He has been dealing with me for about a week now and I think what I'm suppose to learn is all in this. 

I will post more on the event soon!!!

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  1. Love the name! That was my great grandmother's name. I will be praying for sweet Cora. I will also be praying that God gives you and Donny that peace that passes understanding right now. Have a great weekend. I'll talk to you next week.