Monday, June 6, 2011

23 weeks!

I'm 23 weeks!
Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 23 Weeks

Size of baby: Cora Jane is the size of a papaya.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I've gained a total of 9 pounds.
Maternity Clothes: I needed a swimsuit for the beach so I went to M0therh00d Materity and got several items that I hope will last me through the summer.  I bought 3 pairs of shorts, 2 tops, and a swimsuit.

Gender: It's a GIRL! Cora Jane (double name)

Movement: I'm beginning to think that she is going to be like me and my dad.  She is very active in the morning time.  My dad and I were always early to rise.  She moves throughout the day, but is most active in the morning and at bedtime.
Sleep: My sleep has been great!!

What I miss: My clothes!
Cravings: Lemonade is my best friend along with water of course.  I craved Da1ry Queen while at the beach and it was so good.  The seafood at the beach was amazing and hit the spot.
Symptoms: Just a backache here and there and a few other symptoms I'll leave off the blog.

Best Moment this week: We went to our regular doctor on Wednesday and we got to listen to Cora Jane's heartbeat.  It sounded perfect!!!  Praise the Lord!!  We go to the speacialist next Monday as a precaution.

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