Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy "Birth" Day Cora Jane

Donny and I went had a weekly appointment on September 26th with Dr. A.  I was 4 cm dilated and 90% effaced.  Dr. A asked when we wanted to have our sweet little girl.  I wasn't a fan of being induced because I didn't want to be in labor for a long period of time, but Dr. A didn't believe that it would take me long since I had already made that much progress.  I really wanted Dr. A to deliver Cora Jane so that was another determining factor.  Dr. A would have induced the next day, but I wanted to see if we went on our on.  So, we scheduled the induction for Cora Jane's original due date, Thursday September 29th.  For the next two days I was just waiting for contractions to start or for my water to break since we had schedule an induction.  Tuesday night we had a Alfa meeting in Centerville and it was weird telling everyone that Cora Jane would make her appearance on Thursday if not sooner.  People still couldn't believe that I was 39 weeks.  Tuesday night was the last night that Donny and I spent the night as just the two of us because he had to work on Wednesday.  Wednesday night I went by Fireh0use Subs to get dinner for the station and myself.  I spent an hour or so at the station then headed home to try to get some sleep.  I was bit nervous Wednesday night worrying that I would go into labor and then the anxiety of knowing I was going to meet my little girl the next day.  I did mange to get into bed early and watched a little TV.  We had to be at the hospital at 6 AM.  I slept well that night, but woke up about 3:30.  I finally just got up and got ready.  I had to get the last few things in the suitcase.  I left our house around 5:10 to pick up Donny at work.   We stopped at McD0nald's so he could get some breakfast.  I was jealous because I hadn't had anything since dinner the night before. 
We got to the hospital a little before 6.  We went straight to Labor and Delivery, signed in, and they took us to room 6.  They quickly got started on paperwork and getting my IV started.  The first nurse tried to get the IV started just about killed me.  I don't do well with needles to begin with, but she didn't get it the first go round.  You could tell the paramedic was coming out in Donny.  Whenever someone has a hard time sticking me he always wants to do it.  Luckily the nurse only tried once and went to get someone else.  While we were waiting on a nurse to start my IV Dr. A. came in to check on us early.  He broke my water, told the nurse to start the Pitocin, and told her I could get the epidural when I was ready.  Dr. A prayed with us.  An older lady came in to start my IV and I asked her if she was the pro at getting an IV started.  She did a great job.  My nurse, Amy, got there shortly.  She asked if we minded if a nursing student was with her for the day.  Of course we didn't mind at all.  My blood pressure was a little crazy (it stayed that way the entire time.)  It didn't take long for the Pitocin to kick in.  I started feeling contractions in my back.  They were pretty brutal.  I let the contractions go on for about an hour and then I asked Amy how long I had to wait to get the epidural and she let me know real quick that I could get it whenever I was ready.  I tried to let Donny hold my hand while I was having contractions so I could pinch him or something.  He didn't like that idea.  Amy got the ball rolling on getting the epidural.  I'll give all those women who have given birth naturally a lot of credit.  The doctor that came into give me the epidural was hilarious.  He looked at my back and said that I was going to be a lot easier than the 300 pound woman he just did.  He was cracking jokes the entire time.  He talked me through the entire process.  It wasn't bad at all.  Donny was disappointed that he couldn't stay in the room while they gave it to me, but it was hospital policy.  Once I got the epidural I was feeling really good.  Amy would ask me if I felt anything.  She explained how the process of delivering would work.  I was lucky enough to feel pressure when I was having contractions so once we were ready to start pushing I would know when to push.  From about 9 to a little before 10 I was able to get a little nap.  Around 11 we were ready to start pushing.  Donny had one leg and the nursing student had the other.  Amy was coaching me through each contraction.  It was a slow process.  Dr. A kept checking on us.  Donny and Dr. A talk cows every time we see him so he made several cows comments throughout our labor and delivery.  When Amy called him to come to the room for delivery he said something about cow tipping.  Once Dr. A got to the room I didn't have to push too much longer.  At one point Dr. A asked me if I wanted to feel her head.  I reached down and it was there.  At 1:15 pm Cora Jane made her grand appearance.  As soon as she was delivered they put her on my chest and it was the greatest feeling to know that Donny and I had created this miracle and that she was safely brought into the world.  Donny got to cut the cord.  They let me hold her for a few seconds and then they checked her out.  Donny went over to watch as Dr. A finished up with me.  Once they had checked Cora Jane out they put in back on my chest and Dr. A prayed with the three of us again.  (Having your doctor pray with you (twice) was such a special time that we will treasure forever.)  Donny was sending out messages to let everyone know that she was here and we were doing well.  We stayed in Labor and Delivery for about hour and then they took us upstairs to our room.  We were in room 214.  Donny let us get settled in before he let the family come in.  The sweet nurse gave Cora Jane a bath and swaddled her.  We had to send his mom for some food.  We were starving!!!!  We had lots of visitors that night (family.)  We did get a little sleep that night, but not much. 
Friday morning Donny helped me get a shower.  We knew we were going to have a lot of visitors that day so we tried to get sleep when we could.  Bro. Hal came first and of course had funny stories.  He prayed with us and of course made me tear up.  My friend Julie brought us donuts and spent some time with us.  My aunt came by that afternoon.  That evening my sweet friends Amy with Sarah Kayte, Jenny with Flynn, and Rena came to visit.  It was so sweet to see Sarah Kayte and Flynn with Cora Jane.  We had family the rest of the evening.  Friday night we didn't much sleep at all.  Cora Jane was hungry and cried most of the night.  By Saturday morning I was ready to come home.  The sweet nurse got us out as quickly as possible.  Once we got home we tried to sleep a little.  We missed some of the Auburn game, but we were sleep deprived. 

We are so thankful for the Good Lord allowing us to be parents of Cora Jane.  She is a gift and we strive to be the best parents we can be.  We pray that we will seek His guidance as we begin the journey of parenthood.

Cora Jane
6 lbs. 14 oz
21 inches long
Born 1:15 p.m. on September 29th 2011
Our wonderful nurse Amy.

A proud daddy!

Cora Jane with Uncle Cody.

Danielle holding Cora Jane.

Amy now has baby fever after holding Cora Jane.

Sarah Kayte loved holding the baby.

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