Monday, January 31, 2011

The New Do

My brother and I have been growing our hair out for Pantene Beautiful Lengths which makes wigs for cancer patients.  I  reached the goal before Cody did and I was not waiting on him to get there.  I was tired of the long locks.  I went this past Thursday to get my new do.  I was extremely nervous because I had a haircut picked out, but I knew that my husband doesn't like short hair.  I had several conversations with him about getting it cut.  He knew it was for a good cause and I was going to get all the perm cut out.  I called him one more time before I got to the salon to make sure he was "really" okay with me getting it all cut off.  So, here it is...



Donny was very sweet about the new look when he got home.  I think he liked it, but said "it will grow."