Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Recap

Wow!  2010 passed by so quickly.  It was a year packed of a lot of "stuff."   So, I will have it for the record I'm going to list in bullets and add a few pictures.

  • We were so happy to see 2009 pass due to the rough year it proved to be, but for me 2010 didn't start off much better.  I was emotionally, physically, and mentally drained.  In December 2009 I returned to the doctor for my female issue and he put me on the worst medicine.  I was a moody-not-so-nice person for about 3 months.  I was called in by administration for my lack of not being a team player.  (Can we say how thankful I am that the Lord protected my job?)  Although I left in tears, they were supportive after I explained my situation: I had just lost my dad, I was in grad school, and was having health issues.  "This to shall pass" was what I had to keep telling myself.
  • Mom and I set off to Atlanta to see George and Reba in concert.  That was an awesome experience.
  • Cody and I decided to grow our hair out to donate for cancer patients. 
  • I had to get internship hours in an elementary school so mom went with me to Mobile to visit my friend, Kerra's library over spring break.  I learned so much in just two short days. 
  • Donny and I bought a new vehicle, GMC Acadia.
  • I adore Beth Mo0re and she was in GA for a conference on her book So Long, Insecurity.  Mom and I left really early because it was a rainy day.  We stopped in Oxford to get a Starbucks.  The first part of the conference was wonderful and such a blessing.  After lunch we were waiting for worship to start back and I looked a my wrist and I all of sudden felt like I had been punched in the stomach.  The pearl bracelet that my dad had given me on my wedding day was gone.  I knew I had worn it.  I looked through my purse, bag, jackets, EVERYWHERE around me.  I was crying.  This sweet lady behind me asked me if she could help me.  I explained the situation and she and another lady prayed with me right there.  I told mom that I wanted to walk back to the car to see if I could find it.  It was raining all the way.  I remember I kept telling myself that "it can be replaced" and "it's just stuff."  I was trying to keep myself from completely melting down.  We didn't find it.
  • I got my embroidery machine from my mom for my birthday/graduation/Christmas.
  • The last weeks of school I got a huge scare with my Tammy.  It was both our tenure year.  We were both on pins and needles because we didn't know when "the day" was.  It was horrible day for me because I had to pass out yearbooks.  Of course it never goes easily.  There is always several students, "My mom paid for my yearbook."  I digress.  I was standing in the hallway and Tammy looked horrible.  I of course asked what was wrong and she said "I got the pink."  Well I start tearing up and was in total shock.  She begins to tell the story of the office calling her in to Dr. Campbell's office and how they proceed to explain how they regret to inform her that the were giving her a pink slip as she hands me a pack of PINK STICKY NOTES.  I freaked out.  It was all a joke.  I later found out that they were going to call both Tammy and I in for the joke, but decided to leave me out of the joke because Mrs. Bradshaw knew that I was having a horrible day with the yearbooks.  If they had done this to me I told them they would have had to call the rescue because I would have passed out.  But the good thing was both Tammy and I got tenure.
  • The second week of June Mom, Cody, Donny, and I left for Branson for vacation. Branson was on the list of places dad wanted to go from his Bucket List. So, we went for dad. We had a blast. We stayed in the best cabin. Donny and I did a lot of shopping. The best part was Donny and I celebrated our second anniversary while in Branson.

    On our anniversary!
  • One of my favorite restaurants!
    We were apart of the Dixie Stampede show!
  • In July I finished my library media degree.  That was a huge relief. 
  • The last week of July we had a beach trip planned with Tammy and Billy.  It almost didn't happen because Jess got put in the hospital the first part of the week.  We did get to make our trip and it was wonderful.  We ate a lot of good food and spent time with our best friends.
  • Our favorite place out on the beach.  This is Billy!
    The dolphins gave us a free show.
  • School started and the first week I knew it was going to be a LONG year.
  • Donny surprised me in September with tickets to see George and Reba again!  It was as good the second time as it was the first.
Reba singing Fancy.

    George Strait!  Enough said!
  • I was dreading the month of October because it would mark one year without dad.  Donny and I planned a trip to Gatlinburg for a long week on the anniversary of dad going to heaven.  It was a wonderful trip.  We needed the time together and I was in Cade's Cove looking at God's creation I was reminded that the Good Lord has a perfect plan.  I can honestly say that I didn't cry.  Mandisa's song "You Wouldn't Cry for Me Today" spoke to me that week.  I knew that dad was smiling down on me and he wouldn't want me to cry.

  • We went to the Auburn vs. Georgia game with a bunch of people. It was a blast! BTW Auburn went undefeated in the regular season and will be playing for the National Championship game in AZ on Jan. 10. WAR EAGLE!!

    Donny and I after the game while the celebration continued.
  • Toomer's Corner
  • Thanksgiving was full of great family time and some great food.
  • The first week of December Donny and I were able to attend the ALFA Annual Meeting in Mobile.  We stayed in the Riverview Hotel and I got some good sleep.  We enjoyed our time at the meeting.  I learned a lot while there.
  • We had a great Christmas at my house.  Donny and Cody were off both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  We continued with the new tradition of everyone sleeping at our house and having Santa together.  Donny surprised me with another set of pearls to replace my bracelet that I lost.
  • I enjoyed my Christmas break because I didn't have to worry about school of any kind.  I read, slept, and did a lot of sewing.

It was a much better year than 2009, but I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for us.  I'm not one to make New Year Resolutions, but I am going to set some goals.
  • Donny and I start every year reading through the Bible together, but as soon as summer hits we get off track.  We are going to finish the 6 months that we didn't finish last year.
  • We are working on getting out of debt with a total money makeover.
  • I want to record our life better with blogging.
  • I am going to participate with Beth Mo0re in scripture memory this year.
  • Donny says that I quit cooking this past year, so I'm going to do better with my cooking at home.
  • I taking a break from FB for the month of January.  I realized I was way to addicted to it and I going to read more instead.  I'm so far behind in my reading that I'm going to catch up.
  • Make it through this school year with my sanity.
  • And last but not least grow closer to the Good Lord.
Happy New Year and God Bless!

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