Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello Sunshine, It was so nice to see you!

It has been a restful weekend and I have for the most part enjoyed it. 

Saturday night Donny and I went to eat wings with some of our friends.  My team teacher and her husband joined us and they brought the highlight of the night...Sam Dav!d.  The company and wings were great, but getting to hold and play with SD was the best part.  He is 10 months old and is so active. 

Sunday I was a little concerned that it was going to be a gloomy day, but it ended up being a productive day.  Donny went to work and I went to early church with mom.  I decided I wasn't going to sit at home so I went to school for about three hours.  I got so much done.  There wasn't anything that I really HAD to do I just wanted to get some things in place for the next couple of weeks and I did some cleaning.  I am so prepared for the week therefore my brain has been able to enjoy the weekend.  After leaving school I was so hungry so I stopped by one of my favorite fast food restaurants, Milo's.  I ate that hamburger as it was dripping with Milo's sauce and enjoyed every minute of it.  I then had to do the dreaded grocery shopping.  I'm working so hard to do better at cooking instead of us going out to eat.  The shopping was pretty much painless I just hate doing, but Publ!x does make it easier.  I then stopped by my mom's house to get Ruby, the dog.  Mom was getting ready to give her a bath since she went rolling around in the yard with her white fluffy hair.  I helped get her clean then we took off to the house.  I then decided that since the sun had decided to shine and it had turned out to be a beautiful day I was going to wash my nasty vehicle.  I cleaned the inside and outside.  I also realized that I had a collection of water bottles that I needed to do something with.  I couldn't stand to throw them in the trash...I drink a lot of bottled water.  So, Ruby and I took a trip to the recycle place in Montevallo.  I know this sounds silly, but putting those in the recycling bin was satisfying. 

Monday was a day off for me and it ended up not being such a good day.  Donny was working over for someone at the station so I was looking forward to sleeping late.  I did sleep really well, but at 8:28 I woke up to the all too familiar pain.  I just couldn't move.  I was hurting and my mind was racing with feelings of WHY?!?!  I haven't hurt since July and even then I didn't hurt as bad as I was this morning.  I couldn't get comfortable, but I didn't know what to do.  The last time I hurt like this was December of 2009.  I have been so thankful that the pain from endometriosis has disappeared and as I was starting to believe that I was on the right road here comes the blow that knocks me off track.  I'm praying that it is just a fluke and that tomorrow I will feel better.  I hate everything about endometriosis.  It has taken so much from me, my life, and my husband.  It is emotional and physically draining.  I didn't even want to tell Donny this morning, but of course he knew something was wrong.  So, to say that I have enjoyed my day off is far from the truth.  I have been on the couch most of the day.  No over-the-counter medicine has touched the pain.  I'm praying for a restful night so I can be ready to teach my kiddos. 


  1. I'm so sorry about your pain today. Praying that it is not recurring!!!

  2. I know about endo all too well. I know what it robs you of and of the pain. I don't know how much yours has effected and I don't know if you remember all I dealt with in that regards in HS, but the best tip I can give you is a heating pad, and ask your doctor for a prescription strength pain med for "just in case". Also, I don't know the details of yours, so just going on experiance, you may want to talk to your doc about just "stopping" everything thing in that department for a few months, let your body rest. My doc recommended that and I do not have nearly the same amount of "attacks" as I did before.