Monday, October 1, 2012

Let's Party

We had a small birthday party at Mimi's house.  We had it on September 30th since Saturdays in the South are dedicated to football and Donny was hosting a dove shoot on the farm.  We didn't have a "theme" party, but everything was polka dots.  I decorated on Saturday and finished up on Sunday after church.  The party started at 2:30 in hopes that Cora Jane would take a good nap.  She wasn't sure about all the people being there, but she was in to opening the presents.  Well, she really liked the paper.  Her favorite gift was the six pack of Puffs that Leah got her.  It was time for cake and Cora Jane did not like the icing.  She wouldn't touch it.  We finally put some puffs on top of the cake and she picked them off carefully.  I did cut a slice of cake out and flipped it over.  She would eat the cake part.  It was a great party and so thankful for all who came out to celebrate (but momma isn't doing another all out birthday party.)
On Saturday we took lunch to the dove shoot. 

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