Friday, July 16, 2010

Show Us Your Life--My Single Brother

I pray for my brother often to find that special Christian lady that makes him happy.  My brother, Cody, will soon turn 24 (July 22).  He lives in central Alabama.  He loves the Lord and I've seen him grow closer to the Lord over the past year.  We lost our dad this past October.  Cody followed in dad's footsteps and became a career firefigther four years ago.  He is a sports fanatic and can tell you just about anything to do with college baseball and football.  Our family is huge Auburn fans.  Cody loves to hunt.  He has a side job when he isn't working at the fire station.  He works with Jason during hunting season doing meat processing and then raising deer the rest of the year.  He drives a raised Z71.  He helps take care of dad's horses.  Cody enjoys working outside and doesn't mind getting dirty or sweaty.  He is always making you laugh.  Cody forgets that he isn't as young as he used to be and loves to play softball.  He is on a league with his church and then plays on another team.  He enjoys going to the lake or just hanging out at home.  Cody and I are close and talk about just about everything.  He loves children and I enjoy watching him interact with them.  He listens to country music mainly.  Cody and I are close and talk about just about everything. I LOVE my little brother!

Cody at Bass Bro Shop getting ready to cook a BIG meal!


  1. Hi! I'm Hannah. I found you through Kelly's Korner! I'm 21(will be 22 next month)! I LIVE for Auburn football and am already counting down the days till the season begins! I love the Lord and am a faithful christian. Please have you brother email me if he is interested in talking: Thanks!

  2. Hey!!!! Cody is very handsome!!!!

    I live in bham AL and would love to get to know Cody!

    I am an Alabama fan that has NO problem saying Weegle Weegle

  3. HAHAHAHA! This is really sweet! :) I doubt I will ever have to do this for Jonathan, but it gave me a good laugh! You are a very sweet sister! When you said that about him playing softball the other night i was there. He had already played with another team. He then played with calera and was trying to find another team to play with after that! I was like dang... i wish i had that much energy!! Great post! :)

  4. HAHA. My boyfriend's name is Cody, and they sound a TON alike- weird- So cute trying to set your brother up! haha.

    Love, Makay

  5. I'm interested , is he still single?!